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                Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves - Fight With Quality

                Have a friendly boxing spar or full scale MMA competition? - Keep your hands safe with a decent pair of leather boxing gloves. Ideal for training or pad boxing, our wide range of leather boxing gloves are competition ready.

                Available in different colors, sizes and materials, you can find gloves for children as well as adults. All the gloves are crafted keeping the safety in concern hence, they undergo a series of tests to ensure the quality isn’t compromised.

                Sports Blue Boxing Gloves - Features:
                • Manufactured using high quality leather material for breathability, comfort and enhanced hand grip.
                • Designed for lightweight fit.
                • Extra cushioned Padding for extra support.
                • Curved design molded by injecting form.
                • Velcro fastening to minimize any risk of gloves slippage; provides more support.

                We follow the strict boxing norms ourselves, hence we implement technologies that help us in creating leather boxing gloves to increase protection and help the fighter absorb toughest of the tough blow easily. The extra padding layer on the thumb reduces impact from a sustained blow.

                Our artists carefully stitch all the materials together so, when you clench your fist tighter for an uppercut, you get an additional enclosure.

                Whether you are a woman or man or a child, we have leather boxing gloves for all. Check out our boxing range of boxing gloves for sale through our listings. Order your pair of boxing gloves and get the same day delivery in Australia. Hurry Now! Limited Stocks!

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